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August 9th, 2005

10:39 pm
chicken finger tar tar

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March 20th, 2005

12:48 pm
so im in KC right now and its not the usual fun like it always is. my best friend ian died friday of testicular cancer at the age of 20. how it happened and how it happened so quick, i dont know. KC will never be the same without him. life wont be the same without him. reading the obituaries this morning made me ball because it says "he invisioned himself further down the road of life playing music". he and i had made plans from day one that we're going to move to california after college and change music as we know it. i hate this misery im ingulfed in and it seems to be never ending. it seems as if my friends are dying left and right. but what i want to know is why the ones that are the most undeserving die. why cant the peices of shit like the kid who flipped his car 9 times in riverglen after racing around a turn die instead of the ones with nothing but good intentions. im not implicating death upon anybody but i hope my derivatives are understandable.

while he was in the hospital, under heavy sedation, the most reaction anyone could get out of him was maybe an opening of the eyes. when my dad arrived, he had spoken a few words into his ear and immediatly recieved cognition from ian. he told ian about the times we had went kayaking down the river a couple of years ago, drinking beer. ian immedialty opened his eyes and turned his head towards my dad with his piercing blue eyes. my dad said that was the last anyone had heard from ian. he passed on later on that day.

im not looking for sympathy but i thought i had to let it out somewhere. i hope none of you guys take your friendships for granted because all it takes is one moment and you never see them again

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March 5th, 2005

04:22 pm
adam - fucking funny dude. i wish i could of recorded adam locke man, that bitch is hilarious drunk...

so is mike leon!
30 baby

so im starting a gang. we will be called the...

whos in?

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February 19th, 2005

01:09 pm
their was a brawl last night:

josh noonan, jesse hollembach, and myself fought, layed out, and pummeled 6 kids at the 711 on mt. carmel and 60. thats a 2:1 ratio.

i feel sorry for the kid noonan knocked out cold, i repent for the kid who got got busted open by jesse, and i apologize to the kid whos head i beat in with that pipe. you shouldnt of ran up on us trying to start shit. you should think of the repercussions when you fuck with the wrong people. we were just trying to protect ourselves.
Current Music: lil scrappy - no problems

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February 15th, 2005

06:25 pm
Tell Valentines he can shove that heart up his red ass

I had a stalker. Its overated.

prom is coming and i still dont know who to ask. who should i ask?

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January 26th, 2005

06:48 pm
so yea i definitly could not go a whole period without breaking into tears today. one of my good buddies (cody) died yesterday and it seems the list grows longer each year. each year ive been in high school, atleast two people die that are very close to me. the sad thing is, is that they are the least deserving people. i wont forget the times were he called us from the bowling alley (where he worked) to come get free shit. its always the cool laid-back motherfuckers that go out of the way for you. so i left school and went to zachs house were a bunch of us got stoned off our asses... cody would of wanted that. and people wander why i converted to atheism a long time ago.

Cody Dykes

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January 17th, 2005

12:36 pm
LAST NIGHT, i actually lived 2 "fear and loathing in las vegas" type of moments.

1. sitting at the radiant on 301 next to kash and trash, this odd looking feller approached me and started talking the utter most jibberish ive ever heard in my life. he asked me if i had a "NIOKA" phone. (and thats exactly how he said it too). i told him this tow trck that was parked was mine and he asked if i could pick up a package at the airport for him. i told him yes. he said it was a box full of tropical fish and hash. he also told me that he made electricity and built riverview (the town) with his bare hands. this gentlemen goes by the name of Al Fox. he proceeded to shake my hand but i caught a little glimpse of it and his hand was covered in what appeared to be dried puss. i didnt shake his hand luckily. meanwhile, raph is sitting in my car laughing his ass off.

2. i was sitting at bloomingdale hills park when sherman and danny pull up. sherman showed me some orange smelling dro from miami. i was like thats kewl. this short kid comes out from the back seat with a can of dusters and before you know it, these idiots are inhaling the aerosol. i looked at them in disappointment. after sherman took a hit, he said something and his voice dropped about 12 octaves. that low demonic voice made me literally shit my pants-i was so scared. im glad they had fun melting their brain.

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January 16th, 2005

02:40 pm
some fucked up shit happened at tollisons last night. it looked like something you see off of realTV.

these kids tried to start shit with noonan and it ended up that a bunch of us started rioting at their car. all i remember is kicking the car, noonan cracking the windshield, and will bashing the windows with a bamboo stick. they peeled out to leave thru the driveway gate. they hit SWAT and alex tolli. the car pinned them up against another car and i almost dropped to the ground. Luckily those fuckers were alright. next time those kids are spotted, i honestly cant imagine whats going to happen to their health.

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January 13th, 2005

05:38 pm - Sofa King Wee Todd id
i couldnt do it, i was ready to bash her retarded looking face in but the thought of handcuffs consumed my mind. I cant hit a girl, its not right but let me just tell you how lucky you were. If their would have been a pecker hanging between your legs (which i woulnt doubt) you would not be breathing.......CHUCKY!
Current Mood: bitchy<----The girl looked like this
Current Music: Bride of chucky

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January 9th, 2005

05:20 pm
last night i went out with my cousins to this USF party. i just wanna say that high school is kewl and all, but college is just a bigger and better thing. i have never seen so many good looking girls in the tampa bay area. the atmosphere just seemed different and everything was alot better than some lame ass high school "party". i just want to say i put some practice to my game last night lol i witnessed some very interesting things. their was alot of smoking last night.

eigth of dro: $50
coconut white owl: 65 cents
bic lighter: 99 cents
lacing the blunt with lithium and not letting anyone know:

i got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
nigga im from new york, new york
Current Music: ja rule - new york

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